Denise Guthery - New Wilmington Amish

Celebrating Arts, Education, Environment, and People.

LIVE New Wilmington is a promotional campaign developed and supported by the New Wilmington Economic Development Corporation (EDCom). The goal of this project is to promote connection and celebration as we live together in our community of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

Many people in the community have come together to recognize and provide opportunities for our town to flourish. During this process, it has discussed that particular efforts might aid in expanding already established strengths. New Wilmington is a hub for talented artists, top quality education institutions, a picturesque environment, and caring neighbors. Because of this, we have chosen to focus on these areas (arts, education, environment, people) as the pillars for nurturing and fostering growth. We believe these qualities are unique to our community, deserve to be recognized, and should be given a larger platform for celebration.

New Wilmington was built on the premise of connections through strong relationships – a tradition that continues today. A community only lives as strong as the people who inhabit its borders and those who chose to participate in its thriving. We feel so fortunate to live in a community with neighbors that care for one another. A friendly face and hello while walking down the street is something that we must continue to foster from not only casual occurrences, but intentional ones as well. One of the main intentions of this project is to provide opportunities for all of us to connect with one another through activities, events, and gatherings. Supporting our local businesses and group ventures is also an important aspect of this concept of life together.

It is our hope that through all of our efforts, New Wilmington will celebrate its abundant gifts and be a warm and welcoming home for students, businesses, and residents alike. We know that so much of this is happening already. Our intention is to let others know about it too and invite them to the party. To that extent, communication, has been a major focus of this campaign and in our attempt we have provided a streamlined, one-stop-shop, for all that is happening in the borough and its immediate surrounding communities. If there is an event that you would like to share with your neighbors and on our calendar please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d love to get the word out.

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