LIVE New Wilmington is a promotional campaign developed and supported by the New Wilmington Economic Development Corporation (EDCOM). The goal of this project is to promote connection and celebration as we live together in our community of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

Many people in the community have come together to recognize and provide opportunities for our town to flourish. New Wilmington is a hub for talented artists, top quality education institutions, one of a kind locally-owned businesses, a picturesque environment, and caring neighbors.

It is our hope that the community of New Wilmington will celebrate its abundant gifts and be a warm and welcoming home for students, businesses, residents, and visitors alike. We know that so much of this is happening already. Our intention is to highlight, and contribute to, the broader revitalization efforts, and continue to invite others to invest their time, talents, and resources to do the same. 

Be sure to explore the site to discover many of the exciting happenings in our community!