Burns Angus Farm

Burns BullsAt Burns Angus Farm, 100% All Natural Grass-Fed Angus are raised for a healthy choice of nutritious beef.  Every generation is given the same high quality standards of care from birth to market.  This family farm is dedicated to providing natural high quality tender, flavorful beef for their own family and neighbors. Our policy is to start with the best genetics and provide a stress-free natural environment, clean water, rotational grazing on lush grasses, clover and alfalfa, free-choice mineral licks, our own hay and lots of fresh air; just the way God intended.

For more information, and to order some of your own deliciousness for this week’s dinner, make sure to check out the website at: www.burnsangus.com

Burns Angus Farm
101 Orchard Road
New Wilmington, PA 16142
P: 724-946-3125
E: burnsangus@yahoo.com
W: www.burnsangus.com


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