Business Storytelling: Venture Home

Business Name and Address

Venture Home
State Rte. 18
New Wilmington, PA 16142


Your name and address (town, street name or around about location…if you’d like to share)

David Lachowski, Jr., M.A.
Relocation Consultant & Field Agent

Years in business and/or years you’ve owned the business

7+ years in Relocation business
20+ years in Service field

Tell us a little about your business and what services it provides or sells

Relocation & Referral Services – Community & School Resources – Acclimating to the Community – Home Finding: Buying-Selling-Renting – Connecting to the Community

What is your number one best-selling item or most known for thing?

Providing Relocation Planning & Services – Connecting to the Community/Community Referrals – Buyer/Seller Savings and/or Discounts

It’s brag time! 🙂 What is your favorite thing about your business?

Helping Others – Building & Promoting the Community – Providing a Service – Building Relationships/Meeting New People

Tell us a little hidden secret/gem about your business or something that you sell that many don’t know about

Provide a service, not just selling – Personalized services & planning, not corporate – Lower commission rates; Savings & discounts; No extra fees/costs to the client for relocation services – Small Company

Why did you choose New Wilmington for your business?

Charming small town – Promotes sense of community – Safe & quaint – Residential community & destination for visitors – Diversity

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