Business Storytelling: Burns Angus Farm

1. Business Name and Address

101 Orchard Road
New Wilmington, PA 16142

2. Your name and address (town, street name or around about location…if you’d like to share)
Audrene & John Burns, along with our son; David Burns

3. Years in business and/or years you’ve owned the business
It’s been 13 years since our first farm purchase. We purchased two additional farms nearby in 2012 and 2014, and continue to lease additional acreage in the area for summer pasture and hay production; two things critical for 100% grass-fed livestock.

4. Tell us a little about your business and what services it provides or sells
We sell our 100% Grass-fed Angus Beef and Grass-fed Lamb direct to the individuals through sales at the farm store (preferably by appointment), Fresh Marketplace – New Wilmington, and as Quarter, Half or Whole Beef, or Whole Lamb. We also participate in Auctions, Raffles, Fundraisers, Catering and Restaurant supply. In addition to these items we offer Whole Hog Pork Sausage, or Plain Ground, as well as Whole Pastured Chicken.

5. What is your number one best-selling item or most known for thing?
Lean Ground Beef from our Grass-Fed Angus is plentiful and outsells all other items. Everyone knows a dozen ways to fix Ground Beef. Some folks drive a distance and purchase large quantities, others frequently buy a couple pounds. Even recovering Vegetarians source this item from our farm!

6. It’s brag time! 🙂 What is your favorite thing about your business?
After many years of serving our customers, many are like old friends as we exchange family news and interesting ways of preparing our meats. It’s a pleasure to serve these individuals and families who support our farming beliefs and keep us motivated during the long summer work days and chilling cold winter!

7. Tell us a little hidden secret/gem about your business or something that you sell that many don’t know about
Farming is not all we do. We operate a custom kiln drying service to the Amish community and others, for 27 years now. This service is necessary to add longevity and quality to the flooring and furniture sold locally. Much of our equipment can be utilized for either lumber or farming operations. John also takes orders for Agri-Seed for farmers and sells by drop-ship.

8. Why did you choose New Wilmington for your business?
New Wilmington has always been “Home” for Audrene, and John’s family moved here in the early 80’s. We determined to find work necessary to our community without moving away for jobs. Being able to source good networking and understand local opportunity is key to an Entrepreneur. We also enjoy every opportunity to serve the needs of this area.

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