Business Storytelling: MHR Equipment and Event Rental

Business Name and Address

MHR Equipment and Event Rentals

Your name and address (town, street name or around about location…if you’d like to share)

2023 Mercer New Wilmington, PA 16142

Years in business and/or years you’ve owned the business


Tell us a little about your business and what services it provides or sells

We provide any and all equipment and event rental needs. From tents, tables, chairs, lighting, dance floors, linens, small equipment and tools, we rent a wide variety!

What is your number one best-selling item or most known for thing?

Our event rental! From weddings, to graduation parties, family reunions, or any event we have the capability to do it all!

It’s brag time! 🙂 What is your favorite thing about your business?

That we are family owned and operated! Anyone who works here is a part of our MHR family and we love our team! We also love serving our community and creating events that exceed all of our clients wants and needs!

Tell us a little hidden secret/gem about your business or something that you sell that many don’t know about

That we are here! Many people have no idea that we are around and we have grown all by word of mouth! We have grown so much that we have expanded into Washington, PA and Morgantown, WV!

Why did you choose New Wilmington for your business?

The small town feel and easy access to all major highways.

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