New Wilmington Community Center Committee

The idea of the community center that has begun to take shape is that it could be a permanent indoor location that would be home to things like (but not limited to!) the following:

  • Fresh Marketplace (open now on a weekly basis) A regular and consignment store selling:
    • locally grown produce, meats, cheeses, eggs, flowers, plants, etc…
    • local artisan products & crafts (Amish & English)
    • hand-made candles, soaps, herbals, etc.
    • really, anything appropriate that is locally grown or made.
    • serves as a marketing focalpoint for all the local businesses in the surrounding area so folks can get a viw of some of their products and possibly spur them to go visit.
  • Historical & Visitor Center
  • Tool lending library (specialty garden tools for example)
  • Educational area for classes on various topics
  • Olden days workshop(s) for community use (I.e. manual woodworking shop,  blacksmiths shop, etc.)
  • Maker Space

If you are interested in serving on this committee please contact me at