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It is the first moments of collaboration with a neighbor. It is the lifetime between discovering and developing one’s self. It is raw growth from interaction with the ever-changing world. It is education.

New Wilmington is a hub of educational movement, intrigue and discovery. Both educators and learners make their home in New Wilmington: Approximately 1,300 students call New Wilmington home during the academic year at Westminster College; over 400 Westminster faculty and staff bring their expertise and experiences from across the globe to New Wilmington neighborhoods; and almost 1,200 students belong to the Wilmington Area School District.

In further bridging our connection with our educational foundations, we believe there are still possibilities for enriching interactions with our neighbors, such as a lecture series, movie series, and community classes.

One EDCOM committee has been created to continue to foster a relationship between the educational institutions and our community:
EDCOM Town/College Networking Committee

If you are interested in helping New Wilmington reach its intellectual potential, please visit the Get Involved page to directly contact this group!

Educational Happenings