New Wilmington Tour de Donut Planning to Increase Riders and Donuts this Year

Handcrafting donut medallions. (l-r) Nathan Romig, 9th grade student at Wilmington High School; Ken Romig, Vice President for Finance & Management Services at Westminster College; Laurie Mackaness, owner of Haines Realty; Kim Mackaness; Brandie Nicely, ’17, Westminster College Art Graduate

Last year, the Tour de Donut, a bike ride sponsored by LIVE New Wilmington, brought 250 riders to New Wilmington from a radius of 200 miles. This year, the organizers expect over 350 participants, 100 more than last year, from an even wider radius.

The 2017 Tour de Donut will be held Saturday, June 3.

“In just two years, the ride has attracted people from our region and beyond,” said Tyler Cathcart, a physical education teacher at Grove City School District and a Tour de Donut organizer. “The beautiful landscapes, the family-friendly routes, the option for a 60-mile route, and the donuts were the four messages that we heard most loudly as distinguishing factors of our annual event.”

Last year, nearly half of the riders participated in the “Donut Challenge,” consuming 1,200 donuts total throughout the day. This year, Apple Castle will be busy making and distributing 2,500 donuts for riders to enjoy.

“The Tour de Donut is a true ‘home grown’ event,” said Nathan Hunter, a special education teacher at Wilmington Area School District and a Tour de Donut organizer. “Everything from advertising, to planning, to sketching and painting of routes, to the medallions. The homegrown efforts it makes our event unique from anything any other event.”

Each week leading up to the Tour de Donut event, Westminster College art department has opened its doors to a group of volunteers to hand craft clay medallions for each donut challenge participant. The donut medallions were graphically designed by Brandie Nicely, a 2017 graduate of Westminster College.

This year’s Tour de Donut sponsors include Apple Castle, Bicycles & More, the Dirty Pickle, Ed & Jerry’s, Haines Realty, Lawrence County Cycling Club, Lawrence County Tourism Promotion Agency, LIVE New Wilmington, Simply Branded, Two Rivers Artisan Coffee, and Westminster College.

For more information about the Tour de Donut, visit or register online at

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