Storytelling: Meet Ashley Johnston

12494719_10110455646717054_606261504684323090_nName, Occupation: Ashley Johston, stay at home mom, Bookkeeper & Director of Awesomeness at Apple Castle

Describe New Wilmington in three words: Beautiful, Friendly, Quaint

Who are the last three people you called/texted? What’s their significance in your life? My husband Steve; he’s silly & hardworking and we make a great team whether it’s navigating a road trip or running a business together. The Musser Crew, which is the group text name for my 3 sisters & parents. I grew up in Carlisle, PA so I’m 4+ hours away from the rest of my family. But thanks to group texts we can send fun pictures and videos of our kids and stay close. Nicole Hunter – my good friend who texted Steve & I a picture of an apple to identify yesterday 🙂 Our husbands were friends growing up and I’ve loved how she has welcomed me into the community and has such a loving spirit for life and this town!

What was a lesson you learned this week? Sometimes life is more about the journey than the destination. I take my 1 & 2.5 year old girls to the New Castle Library for story time most Wednesdays. We were running a bit late this week and it took even longer because my 2.5 year old wanted to pick flowers, hop on rocks, talk about he sky, point out the colors of every car, pet the cat, push the elevator buttons, etc. Then it dawned on me that this entire outing was exciting for her, she didn’t even really care where we were going. She is so full of life and if I’m only focused on the end goal- we miss out on a lot!

What are you most looking forward to in the summer? Family (and friend) bike rides! Pre-kids my husband and I used to love riding our bikes all over this beautiful county! But with a pregnant belly and/or little babies I haven’t done much the past three years. This summer though our girls can both fit in the bike trailer and we’re ready to enjoy the countryside and wind in our hair.

If you could could have any superpower, what would it be? To teleport; not necessarily through time but to snap my fingers and be somewhere else! I love traveling, exploring new places & visiting family & friends but the actual process of travel takes forever!

If you could switch lives with one person for the day, who would it be? Why? Probably someone who has a day at the spa reserved during their tropical vacation – That sounds like a nice break 🙂

What’s your favorite part of your home? The history! We just moved into the house my husband grew up in; we are the sixth generation of his family to live her. It was built in 1856 and purchased by his great-great-great grandfather in 1861 along with our farmland.

What’s your favorite day of the week? Why? Sunday! With a business that’s open six days a week all year round, we’ve been really intentional about taking a Sabbath. After church we try to be together as a family and do something fun; hiking, biking, Jeep riding, vising friends, etc.

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  1. This is awesome and hilarious! I bet this girl would be an amazingly great wife! Oh wait! She already is! Hmm, I’ll have to start working on that whole spa thing…..

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