Storytelling: Meet Katanya Cathcart

Katanya CathcartAddress:

The little yellow house corner of Waugh and Lincoln 🙂

Other in household:

I have the pleasure to share a roof with my handsome husband Tyler, totally hilarious 2 year old Quinlan, and beautiful baby – to be (due 1/27).


Years lived in New Wilmington:

My family moved to New Wilmington in August of 2014. Before then, we had spent some time in the Squirrel Hill area of Pittsburgh, Sewickley, and most recently Beaver. All of these communities have been noted for their vibrant life… However, it wasn’t until we moved to New Wilmington that we really understood what a community was. The warm welcome we received still amazes us to this day. And so do our neighbors. We have never met people more friendly and caring before. Although maybe young in our years, we have no intention of ever leaving our street!


I left my job teaching at a Montessori School in Sewickley when we moved to the area, but I didn’t have to search very long for another opportunity… Shortly after our move, my mother, Rebecca Hink, purchased The Jacqueline House – a beautiful bed and breakfast just outside of town. These days I wear many hats including mother, wife, neighbor, lover of fresh air and walks outside, and innkeeper (aka egg expert :)). I also have a deep interest in community development and have partnered with long-time NW resident Nicole Hunter to get this LIVE New Wilmington project up and running.


I LOVE long walks outside in the fresh air. (One of the main reasons we chose New Wilmington as home, was the trees! Or I guess you could say the landscape in town and the rural surroundings.) I also enjoy a multitude of creative pursuits such as painting and design. I am a research nerd and am thrilled to spend hours on EBSCOhost… My particular scholarly interests are Appalachian culture; the dignity and utility of education, labor, and the human experience; societal definitions of success and the good life; consumer culture and individual motivation; and issues of social and environmental justice.

Please share something that our community might not know about you:

My husband proposed to me after we both jumped out of a plane – and I have been known to eat a 10 pound bag of carrots in one week…

How did you decide to call New Wilmington “home”?

Again – trees! We also fell in love with our house, but were immediately confirmed of our choice when we met our neighbors – we are still convinced this is the best place in the world 🙂

What would be your perfect day in New Wilmington?

Hmmmm… Probably a slow morning with coffee and sunshine… Followed by a long walk with my family that includes a stop at the Fresh Market and social time with neighbors… And inevitably ends with a stop at the borough park… Hearing my kids laugh as they run around and play with other little ones with barefeet in the adjoining creek… Enjoying a good book in our backyard hammock in the late afternoon… And finishing the beautiful day with a BBQ, s’mores, and lightning bugs with our friends.

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