Storytelling: Meet Nicole Hunter

Photo taken at Heather Heights in New Wilmington by Nicole Cassano
Photo taken at Heather Heights in New Wilmington by Nicole Cassano


My husband, our furbaby and I live in a blue house (in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint) on the same street that I grew up.

Other in household:

Nathan and I have been married for three years – and shortly after we said “I do,” we brought home Clive, the now 80-something pound goldendoodle that looks like a living, breathing teddybear. Our first home was on Wilson Mill Road – but when our current house was put on the market in the borough, we couldn’t pass it up!

Years lived in New Wilmington:

I’ve lived in New Wilmington since I was seven years old. I can still almost feel the New Wilmington air brush through my hair as my younger self zipped passed our “future” home on roller blades – or on my purple Trek – or on my (really cool at the time) red electric scooter – more times than I can count. I had no idea that “grown up” Nicole would live here – but I’m so glad she does!

My husband grew up here, too. We both graduated from Wilmington, Westminster, have grown up in New Wilmington Presby, and now can proudly say that we BOTH work in New Wilmington, too! Nathan is a 7th grade learning support teacher at Wilmington, where he shines with his genuine gift of guiding kids to learn about the world around us.

I can wholeheartedly say that I want to be in New Wilmington forever.


I work at Westminster College; my beloved alma mater (‘12… Go Titans!). I’m genuinely thankful every day as I enter through the Chapel doors and make my way to my office in Old Main. I realize that not many people get the opportunity to work for a place they can call home – and I’m thankful to be able to say that I really couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.


When I’m not at Westminster, there’s a good chance you’ll see Nathan, Clive and I making our usual walking loop throughout the neighborhoods of New Wilmington, passed the lake, and through the bio trail. I like people, baking, making lists, and making our home feel cozy. I like DIY projects, my family and friends, coloring (if you haven’t tried one of those new coloring books – you’ve got to!), and of course, an occasional TJ Maxx run. I like going to school, vanilla chai lattes from Mugsies, and being part of this journey in LIVE New Wilmington.

Please share something that our community might not know about you:

I just asked Nathan what the community wouldn’t know about me and he answered without batting an eye, “that you’re a good ping pong player and that you throw a better spiral than most people.” : ) I guess at a family picnic, you would probably catch me playing catch.

How did you decide to call New Wilmington “home”?

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the September sun set over Apple Castle. It’s like God knows a good thing when He sees it and wants to amplify that corner of the world.

There’s nothing more comforting than Mugsies baristas being familiar with your very meticulous order: an English muffin with butter and honey and a medium vanilla chai latte with skim milk…in a mug.

There’s nothing better than being around people who have seasoned stories. I often find myself thinking about New Wilmington and the people in it. I wonder how I deserve to live here – it’s so legit! It’s really cool that we were all put near the same coordinates of the world – out of the thousands of other towns, cities, states, and countries – for a purpose.

There’s nothing more rewarding than saying “I live in New Wilmington.” Its reputation is rooted in eloquence, charm and meaning. I’ve always felt reassured by New Wilmington – the safe environment – the two traffic lights and a friendly neighbor conveniently placed at every corner. I find my home in New Wilmington.

What would be your perfect day in New Wilmington?

My perfect day would be different depending on the season, but one of my favorite scenarios on a winter day is to cross country ski around the lake, on the “back path,” and back home to our wood stove. It would be extra special if afterwards, the day concluded with an event like we had on Friday, December 4th – a Gilmore-Girl-like gathering with neighbors.

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  1. I am thrilled with this web page! A beautiful way to showcase our wonderful community! I can say I am pround to own Buisness in New Wilmington, Alice’s Pizza and Sweet Chessie’s Bakery. Everyone always has a smile on the face and kind words. ?

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