Storytelling: Meet Sara Arblaster

Storytelling - Sara ArblasterName: Sara Arblaster

Address (as descriptive as you’d like); Other(s) in household: At the top of the steepest driveway on Village Lane (aka, the Wilson’s old house). I live with my husband, Mark, and children, Emily and Seth. We have a cat named Wicket and a dog named Halle.

Years lived in New Wilmington; Previous residence(s): We have lived in New Wilmington for five years. Mark and I both grew up in Slippery Rock and after graduation from college, we lived on Rt. 19 (right beside the Springfield Grille) in Mercer for 8 years.

Occupation/Other positions held (political/community organizations/family!,etc.): I graduated from Westminster college in 2002 and started working for the Federal government and am now a Suitability Specialist in Boyers. I am currently the New Wilmington Elementary PTO president and am also serving on Westminster College’s Alumni Council and Regional Events Committee for Lawrence, Mercer, and Clarion Counties. I enjoy spending time at the elementary school and being involved with all the wonderful teachers and staff to help give that extra boost to the kids’ education and enrichment. I also enjoy being involved with the college and being able to give back to my alma mater in more ways than with just financial support.

Interests/Hobbies/Talents: Mark and I enjoy running. I have also got bitten by the “triathlon bug” and am going into my third triathlon season this summer. New Wilmington is the perfect place for training, because no matter which way you head out of town, there is always a big hill to conquer! My favorite running route is out Ferris Road and past the creek. My favorite two biking routes are out Heather Heights Road and up Means Road Hill around to the top of Volant Hill and back into town via Covered Bridge Road and Fayette Neshannock Falls Road. I also knit and scrapbook when I have some free time in the winter and I love to read.

Please share something that our community might not know about you : I am not sure what would constitute as a little known fact about me, but I grew up as a “camp kid” at Camp Crestfield in Slippery Rock. It was great place to be when there were lots of kids around, but super quiet during the down times. Mark and I both grew up in the country, so having a sidewalk from our house to town was such a draw for me when we first looked at our house in New Wilmington. We have become “townies” after spending our childhoods in the country! I will have to say it’s so nice to be in town when we miss the school bus and I have to drop the kids off at school!

How did you decide to call New Wilmington “home”?: We didn’t want to live on Rt. 19 with all the trucks and traffic with the kids getting older, so when the plant beside us offered to buy our house, we took the offer and starting house hunting. After looking at lots of houses in the tri-county area, my friend approached me and said she saw a house for sale in New Wilmington on Facebook (sorry Laurie, that our paths did not cross on this house-buying adventure). It was love at first sight and the rest is history. It felt so right to move to the community where I spent my four years at Westminster and for us to raise our family in this community. Seeing old friends from my college days at the Farmer’s Market (Beth Brooks), as well as making so many new friends, has been such a treasure to us!

What would be your perfect day in New Wilmington?: I would say the perfect day in New Wilmington would be enjoying a cup of coffee and a book on our porch first thing on a sunny morning and later getting a long bike ride or run in through the rolling hills and Amish farms. Taking the kids to play with their friends at the pool or letting them play in the neighborhood with the other kids, running through the backyards and racing their bikes down the hill and around the bend as fast as they can. Top it off with a cookout and s’mores over a fire in the backyard to end the perfect day!

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