Storytelling: Meet Todd Cole

toddName: Todd Cole

Years lived in New Wilmington: I’ve lived in this town for 30 years. I lived in college housing with my college roommate on Maple Street for a few years. Then, I moved into the Vine Street School Apartments. I loved living in what was once the library of the elementary school. It was a huge apartment. Eventually, I decided it was time to grow up and purchase a home. With my parents and Haines Realty guidance, I bought a wonderful home on the corner of Valley View Drive. Now, I have moved into the borough with my wonderful, caring mother on Beechwood Road. How can I forget? I also live with my beloved 13-year-old golden retriever, TC, which stands for Titan Cole.

Occupation: I have been an educator for the Laurel School District in New Castle. My first 25 years were spent with first graders and the last 8 years with fourth graders. I’ve been PTO president, choir director for the high school musicals, leader for Partners in Prayer (teachers who gather in prayer for the school community before and after school), and the teacher representative for Project Hope (our districts organization that includes a rep from every church in the district and a teacher who help to meet the needs of families in Laurel). I’m a frequent guest on the #1 Morning Show in Youngstown, WFMJ TODAY. I discuss educational issues and provide tips for parents regarding children’s lit, preparing kids for the first day of school, and summer activities to keep skills alive during summer days.

Interests/Hobbies/Talents: I enjoy singing in church. I’m a member of the New Wilmington Presbyterian Church choir and Worship Team. I’m on the board for preschool that’s in our church. I have a passion for children’s literature. My favorite store is Barnes ‘n Noble. I enjoy being a guest speaker for elementary education classes at WC. I am honored to have opportunities to give back to WC through my volunteer work with the Alumni Office.

Something that our community might not know about you: I’m a closeted QVC lover. I’ve ordered everything my mom needs for cookware and kitchen gadgets. Several teacher friends have received Christmas gifts from my secret addiction to this station. I guess its not a secret anymore. I’ve been on The Price is Right…in 1988. I did a great deal of jumping on stage.

How did you decide to call New Wilmington “home”?: Westminster is my Alma mater. I love this college. It gave me a foundation of faith, education, and lifelong friendships. I love being able to walk to this gorgeous campus. I am thrilled to be able to attend outstanding Celebrity Series events, Homecoming Celebrations, sport events, and Worship on campus. It’s all within a short walk for me.

What would be your perfect day in New Wilmington?: This is difficult. I love every season in New Wilmington. I guess it would just be a typical day. Watching WFMJ TODAY, taking TC for a walk through campus (with my Giant Eagle bag), stopping for a coffee at Mugsies, reading the latest children’s novel, a Pizza Joe’s lunch, and dinner with Mom, her friends, and the Slonakers…and then finish it off with an event at WC.

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  1. This is awesome Mr Cole! I have known you to be a wonderful teacher and a person for a long time. This story clinches it. When I first met you my daughter was repeating first grade at Laurel elementary. You brought the best out of her and for that I thank you. You might or might not remember her, you have taught a lot of students since then. Her name is Faith Cunningham. She has been in the military, attended a computer school and has turned out to be a fine young woman. Agsin, I thank you.

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