Storytelling: Meet Wendy Farmerie

Nawendyme: Wendy Farmerie


Address (as descriptive as you’d like); Other(s) in household: I live in a 1929 Sears home. I’ve always loved the history behind catalog homes and jumped at the chance to take care of one of these fabulous relics . Two years ago, I rescued a foxhound bulldog mix named Cleopatra who pretty much runs the house.

Years lived in New Wilmington; Previous residence(s): I grew up in New Wilmington and moved away after graduating from college. After hopping around for almost 15 years, I made the decision to move back home.

Occupation/Other positions held (political/community organizations/family!,etc.): I was an international buyer for various national companies before opening The Silk Road Fair Trade Market here in town.

Interests/Hobbies/Talents: My favorite past time is reading books, pretty much every genre but horror. Most warm days I’ll grab an hour or so to take Cleo for a walk. If I can piece together a block of time, I dabble with reverse glass painting.

Please share something that our community might not know about you : I bake a wicked cheesecake. Any time a crystal glass is in front of me, I can’t resist the urge to play the rim. Oh, and I’m always singing to the radio, whether I’m in the shop, in the car, walking the dog, or cleaning the house. Sometimes I even forget where I am and sing out loud in a store.

How did you decide to call New Wilmington “home”?: I spent a number of years living in an urban environment and found I missed the personal way of life you find here. There’s something special about knowing your butcher, the woman who raises the chickens that lay your eggs, the manager at your bank, and the police officers protecting you. We have something truly wonderful in New Wilmington.

What would be your perfect day in New Wilmington?: My perfect day would be a warm fall day once the leaves have turned. I’d enjoy a nice large cup of fair trade coffee with the windows open, breathing in the fall air. (I simply love the smell of fall.) I’d take Cleo for a long walk around the lake and through town, long because we usually run into people we know and chat for a while. Then off to dinner at a friend’s house, walking home afterwords while enjoying the stars.

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