Aaron Elliott - dusk trees weeds
Photo by Aaron Elliott


The arts are alive in New Wilmington! Talent radiates from our residents, students, and business district. From main street shops dedicated to creative expression, to restaurants crafting food to stimulate all of your senses. Catch an all-star play at Wilmington Area High School, a renowned music performance in Orr Auditorium, or a local artist exhibition in the Foster Art Gallery – all just a short walk away.

While we continue to celebrate the beauty that already exists in New Wilmington, we are also working to provide more opportunities for the arts to bloom in our town. Some of the ideas that have been shared are a downtown mural project, student art gallery, after-school art classes, an evening performance venue, and a park amphitheater.

Two EDCOM committees have been created to plan and implement some of these dreams:
EDCOM Streetscape Committee
EDCOM Amphitheater Committee
Wilmington Area Artist Guild 

If you are interested in helping New Wilmington to further express its artistic talent, please visit the Get Involved page to contact either of these committees directly, or share some of your own ideas with us too!

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