Photo by Aaron Elliot
Photo by Aaron Elliot


Taking a stroll through the streets of New Wilmington, you’ll be quick to discover the rich environmental ambiance tightly knit into its every element. From the heart of New Wilmington borough to her countryside, you’ll find health, wellness and cleanliness in the purest form. You’ll see freshly picked vegetables, apple orchards, locally raised meats, and locally produced cheeses.

Most compare New Wilmington’s countryside as “storybook-like” – with our Amish friends living in a way that makes Mother Nature smile. In their method of living and being in their wide open corridors, they provide the environment with the gift of purity and sustainability that paints the most genuine picture of New Wilmington’s soul.

An EDCOM committee has been planted to celebrate New Wilmington’s abundant fresh options:
EDCOM Fresh Market

If you are interested in helping New Wilmington to continue to nurture its nature, please visit the Get Involved page to contact either of these committees directly, or share some of your own ideas with us too!

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